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Children and Heart

Dr. NB Basnet summarizes: 

     How to Recognize Heart Disease in Children?
     Activity: Less active, less alert, easy fatigability, exercise intolerance
     Breathing: fast, difficult, shortness of breath
     Color: bluish discoloration of tongue, lips, fingers; pale skin
     Deformity: bulged chest, deformed body organ, congenital anomalies
     Edema: swelling of face, limbs, body, abdomen
     Feeding: difficulty in sucking, poor feeding, tired easily
     Growth: delayed growth and development
     History of viral infection, diabetes, smoking and intake of drugs, alcohol during pregnancy
     Infection: recurrent respiratory infection
     Joint: pain, swelling
     Others: excessive sweating; visible pulsation on the chest and neck, palpitation; syncope, faintness, seizure, restlessness, irritability, squatting posture, cold extremities, decreased urine, bleeding from nose, obesity, prematurity, malposition, clubbing, routine health check up finding


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Earthquake Zones

Photograph from the map by Dr. NB Basnet Photograph from the map by Dr. NB BasnetPhotograph from the map by Dr. NB BasnetDeath due to Nepal Earthquake April, 2015