Services [सेवा]

  • Consultation of neonates, infants, children and adolescents,
  • General consultation of physical and mental health,
  • Diagnostic, therapeutic and counseling services,
  • Consultation of children with congenital and acquired heart diseases and problems,
  • Consultation of patients with skin problems,
  • Medical counselling of children, parents and families,
  • Health promotion of children/parents/individuals by scientific medical services, such as health check-up, growth and development monitoring, counseling,
  • Conduction of teaching/research/publication to promote human health and to alleviate human sufferings due to disease, disability and death,
  • Follow up / referral services,
  • Routine medical consultation and general health check up,
  • International collaboration of medical care, education and research,
  • Provision of fund to improve health and medical care, education and research
  • Home of Healing and Hope
  • Education/counseling on therapeutic nutrition,
  • Providing medical escorting to international patients,

CMDC is equipped with basic consultation instruments. Complete set of clinical consultation facilities, diagnostic sets, electrocardiograph (ECG), bedside monitor, oxygen saturation monitor, spirometer, ophthalmoscope, various standard charts and graphs are available to complete an ideal pediatric clinic and child health center.

Dr. Narayan recommends - regular practice of 'Three Basic Yoga' in life


Dr. Narayan Bahadur Basnet,
MBBS, PG Ped, Ph.D. (Ped, Ped. Card.), Researcher (Postdoctoral)
Consultant Pediatrician, Pediatric Cardiologist, General Physician
Mobile: +977 9851084273
Email :


Dr. Sangeeta Baral Basnet
B. Sc., MBBS, Ph.D.
Consultant Dermatologist, Venereologist & Leprologist
Mobile: +977 9851122090